About Us

Our Mission:

Our mission places us in the forefront of the pediatric hospice and palliative care fields and directs us to:

Provide family-centered care to children with life-limiting (in either time or quality) conditions. We seek to…

  • Enable children to stay at home or in a “home-like” setting for as long as possible and as often as possible
  • Manage pain and symptoms as a priority of care
  • Educate patients and their families
  • Support children with life-limiting illness and their families in order to minimize hospital admissions and maximize
    quality of life
  • Serve children in need, without discrimination or regard for ability to pay
  • Develop pediatric and palliative care partnerships with other institutions dedicated to improving care for children

Our Care Model:

At Dr. Bob’s Place, pediatric palliative care (which is not limited to, but does include Hospice care)  for children is framed through a pediatric clinical structure: Our clinical philosophy shapes our model of care:

  • Children are unique human beings; little bodies require special treatment different from the adult world
  • An interdisciplinary, clinical approach to hospice care for children ensures optimal comfort
  • A palliative approach with a focus on pain and symptom management improves quality of life

Our Clinical Programs:

At Dr. Bob’s we are an interdisciplinary team that works together to provide exemplary pain and symptom management, emotional and psychosocial support, spiritual guidance, and  assistance with “every day tasks” as needed. Our team includes physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers. Our program includes 5 aspects of care which can function independently or concurrently as needed:

Home Care:

Families of children with a life-limiting condition require support to manage the pain and symptoms of the child’s disease process, as well as education and training to provide care to the child at home and emotional care and support to function daily within each specific family’s context and dynamics. Nursing and psychosocial support staff will be available to each patient and family as often as appropriate in order to meet that child’s and family’s needs. For example, the team may elect to provide continuous care to mange a crisis. It is our goal for children to receive care at home whenever possible.

Transitional & Skilled Inpatient Care:

Because of new Federal regulations, it is now possible to provide curative therapy to children alongside palliative-focused care. Dr. Bob’s Place is an alternative to costly hospitalization where we can closely monitor and achieve optimal pain and symptom management and can serve as a ‘“bridge” for children who no longer require an acute hospital setting, but who are not yet ready to return home. Whether it be for additional medications, additional family learning and support, or to assist a family to acclimate themselves to a less invasive approach to care, our inpatient beds can help. A 24/7 ‘Home-Away-From-Home’, Dr. Bob’s can assist families at a variety of critical crossroads along the palliative care continuum by providing an alternative to an acute care setting. We will be clinically staffed to a 1:3 ratio.

Respite Care:

Families with a child who has a life limiting illness often provide chronic and continuous care to their child for years without any “time off”. Dr. Bob’s offers a skilled facility with the expertise to give families a chance to physically and emotionally recharge so that upon their return they can continue to provide the high level of care their child needs. Respite admissions to Dr. Bob’s are prearranged for short periods of time based on bed availability. Arrangements are made to specifically meet the individual needs of the child and to reassure parents their child will be well cared for if a parent chooses to be away during the child’s respite stay.

End of Life Care:

The death of a child is an unimaginable loss. It can be scary and overwhelming. Dr. Bob’s Place seeks to support dying children and their families so that this experience can be as comforting and supportive as possible. When parents face the news their child may die they want options for where their child will spend his or her last moments. For those families who wish to have their child at home with them we will provide comprehensive medical and emotional support at home. Some want to be in a facility where medical and emotional support is available 24 hours a day. Dr. Bob’s Place offers that Home-Away-From-Home option. A parent may stay with the child.  Siblings and family members are always welcome to visit day or night. We will provide skilled nursing care for pain and symptom management, while maximizing emotional and spiritual support throughout the family’s stay.

Bereavement Support:

After the devastating death of a child Dr. Bob’s will provide family bereavement follow up for 24 months.  Dr. Bob’s bereavement care will be driven by our social and spiritual support team. Bereavement follow up is designed to assist families via phone, visits, cards, pamphlets, bereavement groups, individual intervention or outside referral, if necessary. The support offered will be tailored to each family’s needs and comfort.

Facility Highlights:

Dr. Bob’s Place is a 3 stories tall building providing 20,800 square feet of service space. We expect to triple the care provided to children with life-limiting illness. In our in-patient unit, we seek to create a space that will feel as much like “home” as possible.

  • All private patient rooms with bathrooms
  • Live-in accommodations for one parent
  • Common areas including family and game rooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a meditation/sensory room, and indoor/outdoor play space
  • Security staff on duty 24/7, a licensed kitchen, laundry service and free parking
  • Located near bus and light rail lines
  • Less than 1 mile from three preeminent academic pediatric medical centers
  • Medicare and Medicaid certified, and CHAP accredited
  • Services covered by most private insurance plans, HMOs, MCOs

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